Numbers 1-10 Coloring Worksheets

Numbers 1-10 Coloring Worksheets

In kindergarten, we are learning all about numbers from 1 to 10. We see them everywhere – on clocks, calendars, and even our snacks. But coloring numbers is the best way to have fun while learning. That’s why today we are going to learn number counting with our engaging numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets.

You might wonder what these worksheets are all about. Well, they are special papers with big numbers from 1 to 10 printed on them. These numbers are waiting for you to color them using your brightest crayons.

And it gets even better! Around each number, there are colorful picture numbers, and you have to color the blank ones just like them. Imagine coloring a shade of blue in number 1 or a sunny yellow in number 9.

Moreover, we will also play some fun activities, such as counting the number of pictures in each box and marking the correct number. Another activity is to complete the number sequence. So, grab your crayons and get ready to make learning numbers a rainbow-filled adventure.

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Count, Color, Learn: Printable Numbers 1-10 Coloring Worksheets

Get ready for some colorful fun as we explore numbers in a whole new way in our numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets designed for kindergarten students. On these worksheets, we will discover how to recognize each number and say it aloud while we color them in. The various activities related to learning numbers are discussed in our worksheets as follows:

  • Recognize the number: Look at the big, bold number on the worksheet and say it out loud. Let’s get familiar with each number from 1 to 10.
  • Color the number: Fill in the number on the worksheet using your favorite colors and make the numbers as bright and colorful as seen in the number illustrations.
  • Say the number: As you color, repeat the number out loud. This helps us remember and reinforce what each number looks and sounds like.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each number from 1 to 10 and explore all the amazing colors we can use to bring them to life. Grab your crayons, and let’s get started on our colorful adventure with engaging numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets.

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Number 1 Coloring Worksheet

Coloring the numbers is super important because it helps us learn about numbers while having lots of fun. When we color the number 1, we are not just making it pretty; we are also getting really good at recognizing it. 

So now, flip over to page 1 of our worksheet, and let’s start having some coloring fun. Do you remember how we learned to trace the number 1? Well, now it’s time to color it in, just like we traced it by using our crayons.

Oh, and here’s a fun song about the number “one” to sing along to:

“One, one, number one, 
You are the first and so much fun!
In a row or all alone,
You’re the number we have always known!”

Let’s practice our coloring skills while singing the song and coloring the number “one,” just like the image shown on the worksheet. And don’t forget to spell it out loud, such as “O-N-E.”


Number 2 Coloring Worksheet

Do you know what comes after the number 1? That’s right, it’s the number 2. Let’s move on to page 2 of our numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets. Now, practice coloring the number 2, just like we learned to trace it. Remember to use your favorite colors and make it look super awesome, just like the picture on the worksheet. And don’t forget to say the spelling out loud: “T-W-O” to work on your skills.


Number 3 Coloring Worksheet

Now that you have colored numbers 1 and 2, it’s time for number 3. Let’s color it just like we have practiced tracing. Start at the top, make a curve down, then around and back up. Repeat for the bottom half. Color it in nice and neat, just like the picture on the worksheet. And practice saying its spelling, too, such as “T-H-R-E-E.”

Note: Practice coloring the remaining numbers by downloading our PDF and clicking the link provided at the end of the article. Click the link and become an expert in numbers while doing fun coloring activities.

Fun Learning Activities with Numbers 1-10 Coloring Worksheets

After enjoying coloring, let’s have more fun with our numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets. Are you ready for some exciting activities to practice counting and numbering? Here we go:

  • Counting and Matching Numbers: Look at the pictures in each box and count how many there are. Then, mark the correct number next to each set of images. Let’s see how many we can count together.
  • Finding the Missing Numbers: Uh-oh, some numbers are missing in our number sequence. Let’s write down the missing numbers to complete the sequence from 1 to 10. Can you help fill in the blanks?

Let’s tackle these activities together on our worksheet page and become counting champions.

Counting and Matching Numbers

Counting and matching numbers is a super fun activity that helps the little learners become awesome at numbers. When we do this activity, we are not just playing a game; we are also getting really good at recognizing numbers and counting things. How cool is that?

Now, let’s turn to page 11 of our numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets for the fun part. Look at each box drawn on the worksheet. Can you count the number of pictures inside each box? Let’s count together! One, two, three… Once we have counted all the pictures, it’s time to match them with the correct number. Remember the numbers we learned? Let’s use them to find the right one for each box and mark the correct number.

Count the number of pictures in each box and mark the correct number.

Finding the Missing Numbers

Finding the missing numbers is like being a detective for numbers. It’s super important because it helps us understand how numbers come in order. To do this activity, flip to page 13 of our numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets and look at the number sequence.

Can you spot the missing number? Let’s count together and figure out which number needs to be added. Once we have found it, let’s write it in the empty space and complete the sequence. After doing all these activities, you will be a number detective pro.

Write the missing number.

Final Words

Wasn’t coloring those numbers 1-10 coloring worksheets super fun? We learned so much about numbers while making them bright and beautiful. From coloring the big number one to ten, we practiced counting all the way to 10. 

As we colored, we saw pictures that helped us do the fun activity of counting and matching, like counting the four mangoes to go with the number 4. Connecting numbers with real things makes learning them easier. Moreover, completing the missing number sequence to test our skills.

Our coloring numbers worksheets were full of activities, colors, and learning, but the fun didn’t have to stop there. You can print out more number coloring pages from our website to keep practicing your counting. We will trace letters, color pictures, and play games, all while becoming champions. So, stay tuned by revisiting to learn more and have fun.

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