Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten

Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten

Hey there, little learners! Welcome to our exciting world of learning. Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of the letter “D”? Today, we learn all about the letter “D” and the fantastic worksheets designed just for our kindergarten buddies.

Learning about letters is like unlocking the secret code to reading and writing. And guess what? The letter “D” is our star for today!  Whether it’s the sound of a dog barking, the delicious taste of a doughnut, or the sight of a dazzling diamond, the letter “D” is all around us!

In these worksheets, we’ll get to trace the letter “D” in uppercase and lowercase, practice writing it on our own, and even identify pictures that start with the magical “D” sound. Plus, there are coloring activities and games to make learning even more exciting! So, grab your crayons, sharpen your pencils, and explore the Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten! 

Printable Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten

Get ready, little ones, because we’ve got some awesome Letter D worksheets just for you! These printables are perfect for kindergarten kids eager to learn all about the letter D.

From tracing and writing practice to fun coloring activities, there’s much to enjoy. Get your pencils ready, and let’s dive into the exciting world of dogs, drums, dinosaurs, ducks, and dolphins!

With these worksheets, you’ll master the letter D in no time while having a ton of fun. So, why wait? Let’s start exploring and discovering the wonders of the letter D together!

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15 Page Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten

Get ready for some fun with Letter D with our awesome 15-page worksheet pack designed just for you! From drawing delightful dolphins to tracing the letter D, each page is packed with excitement to make learning enjoyable.

Our printable letter D worksheets for Kindergarten use fun activities to help kids learn all about the letter D. Let’s explore all activities in detail while mentioning the pages:

Letter D Trace Worksheets

Tracing the letter D is a fun and important activity for kids to learn how to write this letter correctly. It helps improve their handwriting skills and helps them recognize the letter D in both uppercase and lowercase forms.

To practice, go to page 1 of the printable letter D worksheet to trace the pencil in a D shape drawn on the page. This will help you get familiar with the shape and motion of the letter D.

Trace the Letter

To start practicing tracing the alphabet D in both upper and lower case, go to page 13 and start practicing in the given dotted lines. This will help you gain confidence in writing the letter D on your own.

Let's trace the letter D.

Moving to page 2, pronounce “d for the dog” and focus on the steps around the alphabet “d.” Then, trace the letter D in both upper and lower case using your pencil in the dotted lines provided.

let’s trace!

Go to page 4 of the Letter D Worksheets for Kindergarten to practice doing the same activity. Firstly, recognize the image drawn on the page. After that, practice tracing the capital “D” and small “d” in the dotted and blank lines, and then write tracing both Dd together in dotted and blank lines.

Trace the uppercase & lowercase letters.

Enjoyable Activities with Letter D

Are you ready for some delightful activities with the letter D? Let’s kick things off with fun games and puzzles! Turn to page 3 of our Letter D worksheet and sharpen your recognition skills by finding the upper and lower case “D” hiding on the page. Practice recognizing the letter D while playing exciting puzzle games and drawing things that start with D, like dogs, donuts, and drums. Don’t forget to trace the letter D at the bottom left corner for extra practice!

The Letter d.

Now, flip to page 5 and try out our “Print, color, laminate, cut, and start puzzling” activity. You will practice coloring the different pictures by coloring, laminating, and cutting out the pieces! This activity will help enhance your creativity. So grab your crayons and practice doing the beautiful colors in the pictures.

“D” puzzle

Letter D Recognizing Worksheets

So, you’ve been tracing the letter D and acing it like champs, right? Now, it’s time to level up our skills and recognize some awesome things that start with the letter D! Turn to page 6 and look at the picture on the worksheet. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, it’s a daisy! Pronounce it with me, “D d is for daisy!”

Trace the letter "D, d" upper and lower case.

Now, let’s get creative and practice writing the uppercase and lowercase D on our own. Flip to page 14 of printable letter D worksheets for kindergarten and follow the steps to write the letter D beautifully. Oh, look, there’s a cute doll waiting for us to color! Guess what? D d is for doll! Let’s color her and practice writing “doll” in the dotted lines. 

Letter D

Letter D Hunting Worksheets

When it comes to learning letters, nothing beats the excitement of a letter hunt! Flip to page 7 of the printable letter D worksheets for kindergarten to do the hunting activities.

Find and color the letter d!

Did you see an image on the page? Do you guess it right? Yep, it’s the duck! Pronounce it with me, “D is for duck!”

Now, let’s write down the word “duck” on the blank line below the picture. After that, let’s go to the bottom of the page for some extra fun. It’s time to find and color all the letters D hidden among the pictures. Can you spot them all?

Now, turn to page 8 for another exciting challenge! Get your spy glasses ready because we’re on a mission to find all the sneaky letter D hiding. Why do we do this activity? Spotting the letter D helps us become familiar with its shape and sound. Plus, it’s super fun and helps us improve our letter recognition-skills! So, grab your crayons, and let’s hunt together!

Color all of the letter D

Letter D Coloring Worksheets

Now, let’s do some coloring fun! Let’s move to page 9, where we will practice forming the lowercase letter “d” by following the pencil in the same motion as the arrows drawn in the image. Now, trace each figure with the color mentioned while tracing it slowly.

Lowercase alphabet formation.

Then, hop over to page 12, where you find the image of a dog! Color the adorable dog using the right hues, and remember to write its name on the dotted lines below. Let your creativity shine as you fill these pages to life with vibrant colors! 

Color the animal and trace the word.

Letter D Forming Worksheets

Let’s practice forming the letter D by flipping to page 10 of the printable letter D worksheets for kindergarten. Firstly, follow the guide to trace the letters, then challenge yourself with completing mazes drawn in the letter D. Next up, practice writing the letters on the lines provided on the page, honing your skills further.

Let your creativity flow as you draw three things that begin with the letter D in the blank boxes. Finally, add a splash of color by only coloring the items that start with the letter D from the pictures. Let’s dive in and have a blast with the letter D! 

Letter D.

Letter D Practice Worksheets

So, this is all about the activities related to the letter D. Now let’s practice all the activities while doing the “Letter D Practice Worksheets.” Start by going to page 11, where you’ll see an image. Did you guess it right? Now, start pronouncing “D is for the dog.” Trace the letters D in upper and lower case on the dotted lines. Identify the images on the page, guess them, and trace the word that begins with the letter D.

Practice your uppercase and lowercase D, d below:

Move to page 15 of printable letter D worksheets for kindergarten to practice more. See the image of a dog and pronounce “D for the dog.” It will help to improve your recognition and learning skills. Color the dog with colors, trace the alphabet in upper and lower case, identify the letter D among other alphabets, and form the letter D on your own in the blank box. Let’s have fun learning about the letter D! 

Practice your uppercase and lowercase D.

Final Words

Wow, what an amazing journey we’ve had exploring the world of Letter D with these fun-filled worksheets! In our printable letter D worksheets for kindergarten, we’ve explored tracing the letter D, playing fun games, recognizing pictures, and practicing writing.

From dogs to dolls, ducks to doughnuts, we have learned many delightful things that start with the magical letter D. Remember, learning letters opens doors to reading and writing adventures! So, keep practicing, keep exploring, and keep visiting again to learn and have fun with letters. With determination and a sprinkle of creativity, you’ll master the letter D in no time!

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