Number Names 71 to 80 Worksheet

Number Names 71 to 80 Worksheet

What’s up, kiddos? It’s your favorite math teacher here, ready to make learning about number names from 71 to 80 super fun and easy-peasy.

I know what you are thinking – “Ugh, another boring worksheet on number names?” But trust me, this one is going to be different. We are not just going to write out numbers mindlessly. Nope, we are going to get creative and make it memorable.

First, let’s discuss why knowing these number names is important. Being able to read and write bigger numbers correctly is a key skill for understanding all the awesome math concepts you will learn. Plus, it will come in handy when you are counting lots of candy or toys (every kid’s favorite, am I right?).

Now, for the good stuff, the number names 71 to 80 worksheet is packed with activities designed to engage students in practicing these numbers. We will review handy tricks for remembering words like “seventy-five” and “seventy-eight.” 

So, grab your favorite pencils or bright markers, and let’s start this number-naming party. I can’t wait to see your skills in action. Let’s goooooo!

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Number Names 71 to 80 Chart

Let’s look at some interesting number names ranging from 71 to 80, with each number having its distinct name. This vibrant and engaging chart is ideal for kindergarten students who want to learn about numbers exceeding seventy.

71: Seventy-one76: Seventy-six
72: Seventy-two77: Seventy-seven
73: Seventy-three78: Seventy-eight
74: Seventy-four79: Seventy-nine
75: Seventy-five80: Eighty

In our number names 71 to 80 worksheet, we will practice writing each number from seventy-one to eighty by following the arrows drawn on the numbers. We will start at 71 and reach 80 by learning and practicing numbers once at a time.

Engaging Printable Number Names 71 to 80 Worksheet

So, it’s time to explore the various activities in our worksheet that will help you emphasize numbers above seventy. Here’s what you will find inside our worksheet pdf:

  • Tracing Digits and Words: Prepare your pencils to trace 71 to 80 in both digits and words. It’s like learning how to trace numbers beyond seventy.
  • Writing Digits and Words: Next up, after learning how to trace the number in digits and words, practice writing the numbers from seventy-one to eighty on your own. 
  • Counting Fun: After tracing and writing numbers, put your counting skills to the test by counting the things given on the worksheet. 

Now let’s look at each page of our printable number names 71 to 80 worksheet. 

Number 71 Worksheet

Alright, little learners, let’s begin exploring numbers beyond 70. Open up page 1 of our printable number names 71 to 80 worksheet. First, we will learn how to trace the number by analyzing the arrows drawn on the number 71.

Follow the dotted lines carefully to trace the digits and the word “seventy-one.” Then, it’s your turn to try it on your own by practicing writing the number using both digits and words. And here’s the fun part: count the clouds given on the worksheet to sharpen your counting skills.


Number 72 Worksheet

Now, we are going to practice writing the number 72. Can you see the big number at the top of the page? It has little arrows showing you how to draw the number with the pencil step-by-step. Isn’t that neat?

Tracing the number repeatedly will help you become perfect at forming 72. Look at all those cute little shoes and count them. Now, at the bottom, practice writing out the word “seventy-two” and say it aloud to become perfect at tracing the numbers. 


Number 73 Worksheet

Do you wonder what comes after 72? Yeah, you got it, it’s 73! Let’s learn how to trace it by following the dots carefully. Firstly, trace the number over the dotted digits and then in words such as “seventy-three” to learn how to write the number perfectly.

After that, it’s time to show off what you have learned. To become a number expert, write the number yourself in numbers and words. Then, count the mushrooms on the page to have fun while learning numbers.


Number 74 Worksheet

Moving further, let’s learn about another number. Turn to the following page of our printable number names 71 to 80 worksheet. First, learn to trace the number 74, starting at the top. Practice tracing over the dotted digits and then the words “seventy-four.”

Now, it’s your turn to practice what you have learned. Write the number in the blank lines, in both digits and words. After that, play the fun challenge of counting the leaf spread in the worksheet box.


Number 75 Worksheet

It’s time to learn about the following number that comes after “seventy-four.” Start by learning how to trace the number 75 neatly. To understand, we must practice tracing it over the dotted digits and then in words like “seventy-five.”

After practicing tracing the number names 71 to 80 worksheet, show what you have learned by writing the number in digits and then in words in the blank lines. Then, do another activity of counting the squares given on the worksheet.


Number 76 Worksheet

Moving on, learn the number that follows 75. You are correct; it’s “seventy-six.” Count how many suns are drawn on the worksheet. While counting, did you notice the number 76 at the top? See how to form the number by following the arrow’s direction.

While looking at it, trace the number with your pencil, first in dotted numbers, then in words. Then, practice writing the number on your own in both ways to become proficient in learning number names.


Number 77 Worksheet

It’s time to look at the number 77 worksheet. First, count the spoons on the worksheet. Can you count how many are there? Next, look at the large number 77 at the top. Follow the directions to practice tracing the number, similar to how you would join dots.

After tracing, write the number on your own. To test it out, pick up a pencil and begin writing. Write the numeral followed by the word “seventy-seven.” Practice in the designated space to enhance your writing and number recognition skills.


Number 78 Worksheet

Now open up the next page of our number names 71 to 80 worksheet to learn how to trace the following number, i.e., 78. Firstly, carefully analyze the arrows showing how to trace the number. After that, start tracing over the dotted digits and then in words such as “seventy-eight.” 

Once you have mastered tracing the number, try writing it in figures and words. After completing both tasks, count the circles on the worksheet to enhance your counting abilities.


Number 79 Worksheet

Now, move on to the number 79 worksheet, where we will have fun with numbers. First, count the stars on the worksheet to figure out how many there are. Next, look at the big number 79 at the top and use the arrows to practice tracing the number onto the dotted digits and words.

It’s like connecting the dots! After tracing, use the pencil to write the number “79” on the empty lines. Remember to practice writing the word “seventy-nine” as well.


Number 80 Worksheet

Flipping to the last page of our number names 71 to 80 worksheet, we can say goodbye to the seventies and hello to the eighties. Let’s learn how to trace the number 80 using the directions provided in the digits. After that, use your recognition skills to trace the dotted figures and words. 

After you have learned and perfected tracing the number, practice writing it yourself in the blank lines. While tracing and writing the number, do the counting task on the worksheet to enhance your counting skills. 


So this is all about the activities we have included in our printable number names 71 to 80 worksheet pdf to help you master learning and counting numbers from “seventy-one” to “eighty.”

Tips for Practicing Number Names at Home

Learning number names can be fun, especially when you do it together at home. Here are some cool tips to help the little learners practice the number names:

  • Number Hunts: Go on a number hunt around your house or neighborhood. Look for numbers on street signs, doors, and even on your toys. When you find a number, say its name out loud.
  • Make Number Cards: Get creative and make your number cards. Write numbers from 71 to 80 on index cards and decorate them with colors and drawings. Then, practice saying the number names as you show each card.
  • Play Number Games: Play fun games like “Number Bingo” or “Number Memory Match” using cards with numbers written on them. It will help you practice recognizing and saying number names correctly. 
  • Number Stories: Make up silly stories using numbers. For example, “Seventy-seven elephants went on a picnic!” It will help you remember number names while having fun.
  • Number Songs: Sing songs that include numbers. You can find many catchy songs about numbers online or make up your own. Singing helps you remember the names of numbers easily.
  • Number Books: Read books that have numbers in them. Point to the numbers as you read and say their names together. You can even download our engaging number names 71 to 80 worksheet to make learning numbers fun and interactive for the little learner.

Remember, practicing number names should be fun and exciting. So, try out these tips and watch the little learner becoming a pro at saying numbers from 71 to 80 in no time.

Final Words

Wow, little learners, we have learned numbers beyond seventy with our number names 71 to 80 worksheet. By tracing, writing, and counting, we have become masters at confidently saying these numbers. Remember to try out the fun tips for practicing number names at home.

Keep up the fantastic work, and keep visiting our website for more engaging worksheets to learn about alphabet letters and numbers, as well as learning activities such as fruit names, animal names, shapes, and so on. See you soon for more learning fun!

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