Letter C Worksheets for Kindergarten

Letter C Worksheets for Kindergarten

Hey there, little learners! You know what? Learning the alphabet is so much fun! So, are you excited today to learn about the letter C? Well, learning the letter C is really cool because it starts with so many fun words like cake, cow, and car. In addition, it is the easiest letter, especially when it comes to writing and recognizing it.

If you’re in kindergarten or preschool, you’re in the perfect place to start your journey with the letter “C.” We’ve got a bunch of awesome worksheets lined up just for you! These worksheets are like little puzzles that will help you become a master of the letter “C” in no time. So, today, let’s explore the best letter C Worksheets for kindergarten.

So grab your crayons, pencils, or markers and explore the letter C! We’ll look at crabs, carrots, cats, cows, and more while playing games, coloring images, and singing songs. With such engaging printables and hands-on activities, learning the letter C will be entertaining for preschool and kindergarten students. So, let’s dive in and discover the magic of this special letter!

Printable Letter C Worksheets for Kindergarten

Whether you’re in kindergarten or preschool, learning about letters can be loads of fun, especially when we have cool worksheets to help us along the way. Let’s explore our collection of engaging and printable Letter C worksheets specially designed for kindergarten learners! These worksheets are filled with fun activities and exercises to help children master the letter C.

From tracing and writing practice to identifying words that start with the letter C, our worksheets make learning enjoyable and effective. Spark your child’s curiosity and foster their early literacy skills with our printable resources. 

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15 Page Letter C Worksheets for Kindergarten

We covered everything in our printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten students. From tracing the letter C in lower and upper case, coloring and recognizing the images that start with the letter C, exciting games and activities, to practicing the formation of the letter C. Let’s discuss each activity included in the letter C worksheets in detail:

Letter C Trace Worksheets

To begin, let’s learn how to trace the letter C. In our printable letter C worksheet for kindergarten, you will learn to write the letter C in a super cool way! On page 1, firstly analyze the arrow to trace the pencil as a big, curly C. Then, trace the dotted lines that show you how to make an uppercase C. Tracing over the dots helps your hands learn the right way to shape the letter. 

Trace the Letter

To practice tracing the letter C more, go to page 2 and trace the letter in uppercase and lowercase. Start by tracing over the big C while writing on the dotted lines. Go across the page, writing the uppercase C over and over again. This helps you remember what the letter is supposed to look like. Next, you’ll practice writing lowercase c’s. Lowercase letters are the small ones. The more letter “C” you write, the better you’ll get at it!

Trace the letter Cc.

If you want to trace more letters C, there’s an entire page full of them waiting for you. Go to page 8 to practice tracing the letter C. Tracing all of these C will make you an expert at writing capital and lowercase C. It’s okay to go slow and be careful with your writing. Taking your time helps you make nice, neat letters. Before you know it, you’ll master writing the letter C!

Trace the letter Cc.

Letter C Coloring Worksheets

Let’s start the new activity: recognizing the images and filling colors. Our printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten are packed with fun and excitement as now we explore the letter C through coloring.

Let’s jump straight to page 5! Here, we see an image waiting to be colored. Guess what it is? Yep, you guess it right. It’s a crab. Practice pronouncing “C is for crab”! Grab your crayons, and let’s give this crab a vibrant makeover! Remember to write the name of the image in the blank line at the bottom of the page.


Now, flip over to page 11 for a cool activity: “Color the pictures that begin with C.” Coloring pictures that start with C helps us learn and remember words like “car,” “caterpillar,” and “cupcake.” Plus, it’s super fun and helps us practice our coloring skills! Let’s get coloring! 

Color the pictures that begin with C.

Letter C Hunting Worksheets

To increase your recognition skills, turn to page 4 of your worksheet, where you’ll find a fantastic drawing of a cow! Practice saying “C is for cow” aloud. Then, at the bottom of the page, get your crayons ready for the fun activity “Find and color the letter C!” Can you spot all the letter C hiding among the other letters?

Find and color the letter c!

Now, flip to page 6 of the printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten! Spy the letter C and color all the C you can find in the different alphabets provided. Doing this activity will help sharpen your observation skills and improve your letter recognition skills.

Color all of the letter Cc below.

Letter C Interesting Activities

Moving further, let’s do some captivating activities with the letter C. First up, head to page 7 of our worksheet, where you’ll sharpen your recognition skills by finding the uppercase C hidden among other letters. It’s like a treasure hunt for the letter C!

Collect the uppercase C.

Next, flip to page 9 for an exciting activity: Dab the lowercase c and spot all the sneaky C hiding in the alphabet jungle. To add an extra splash of fun, identify the image drawn on the bottom of the page, say it aloud, and color it.

Collect the lowercase c.

Letter C Forming Worksheets

Our Letter C forming worksheets are here to make learning a breeze and fun! With these worksheets, you’ll practice forming the letter C quickly. Go to page 10 to do a cool activity where you can draw two pictures beginning with the letter C in the blank box provided. You can help your kid by saying: A king or queen often wears on their head….a c-c-crown!

Draw two pictures that begin with C.

Letter C Recognizing Worksheets

After mastering the art of forming the letter C, it’s time to level up and recognize images that begin with this letter. Let’s turn to page 14. Can you guess the image? That’s right, it’s a carrot! Say it loud and clear: “C c is for carrot.” Color the carrot with its vibrant orange color and practice writing its name on the dotted lines.

Colour it.

Now, onto page 15 of the printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten! Can you guess what’s there? Yes, it’s a cute cat! Repeat after me: “C c is for cat.” Let’s color the cat and learn with these fun-filled worksheets. 

C is for cat.

Letter C Practice Worksheets

We have discussed all the activities related to the letter C. Let’s move to the practice worksheets to revise everything from tracing, coloring, recognizing, hunting, and forming the letter.

Start by flipping to page 3, where you’ll see an image. Take a guess, and when you’re right, say, “C c is for carrot!” Then, trace the letter C in uppercase and lowercase on the dotted lines. Next, circle all the letters C you find from the vibrant letters at the bottom of the page.

Trace the uppercase & lowercase letters.

Ready for more? Head over to page 12! Guess the image (it’s a cake!), say “C c is for cake,” then color the yummy cake with your favorite colors. Trace the letter C in the dotted lines, and color the letter C by finding it among the letters given at the bottom left of the page. Don’t forget to form the letter C in the blank box provided.

Trace the uppercase & lowercase letters.

Finally, turn to page 13 of the printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten to do the last activity. Identify the image, color it, trace the alphabet, and write the word in the dotted lines.

Keep practicing and learning from our “Letter C Worksheets.” This covers all the activities discussed in our printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten and preschools. 

Color C

Final Words

Exploring the letter C has been an amazing adventure filled with colorful activities and exciting challenges! From tracing and coloring to hunting for the letter C and forming it in various ways, we have learned all about cakes, cats, and carrots.

With our printable letter C worksheets for kindergarten, we’ve sharpened your skills in recognizing, tracing, and writing the letter C while having fun. Are you ready to learn more letters of the alphabet? Keep visiting again to practice and continue learning together!

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