Flowers Name Worksheet

Flowers Name Worksheet For Kindergarten

Welcome to our colorful world of flowers! Today, we will delve into some interesting and educative things about our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. Get prepared to learn the amazing names of different flowers, solve spring maze puzzles, and take part in a counting activity with bright blossoms.

First on the list is a floral journey as we learn the names of various flowers. From joyful sunflowers to fragile roses, you will find so many wonders in one bunch of flowers. Every flower’s name is like a small secret waiting for exploration, which creates curiosity and expands your knowledge of nature.

But wait, there is more! We will also be challenged by spring maze puzzles that will test our problem-solving abilities. It’s a fun-filled learning experience where you can help the friendly bees find their way around the blooming flowers.

Lastly, get set for some interactive counting involving colorful flowers. One can count petals, stems, or even how many flowers exist in a square. So pick up your pencils and let us go on this flowery adventure together.

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Fun Learning with Our Flowers Name Worksheet For Kindergarten

Our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten is here to make learning fun and exciting. Let’s explore the wonderful world of flowers together with these awesome activities:

  • Flowers Name Learning Worksheet: Learn the names of different flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, and tulips. You will have fun learning about beautiful flowers while looking at the illustrations.
  • Spring Maze Puzzle Activity: Help the busy bee find its way through the maze to collect nectar from the flowers. It’s a fun activity for students that will test their problem-solving skills.
  • Find and Count the Flowers: Count the number of flowers you see in the garden and write the number in the blank box. This activity will sharpen your counting abilities while you admire the colorful blooms.

Each activity is designed to engage your curious mind and spark your love for learning. Let’s dive into these flower-filled adventures in detail while looking at the worksheet images and have a good time together.

Flowers Name Learning Worksheet

Learning flower names is important for kindergarten students because it helps them associate with nature, which improves their vocabulary. This way, they can communicate more effectively and notice the beauty surrounding them.

Alright, let’s open page 1 of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. There, you will see many colorful pictures of different flowers. Observe and identify the bright petals accompanied by green leaves. We will say together the name of each flower to learn its name. Roses, poppies, lantana, and many more—aren’t they beautiful? Try identifying their appearance and colors.

Practice saying their names out loud and looking at their pictures. This will help you remember their names better and improve your vocabulary. But now, it’s time to go deeper into learning the flower names by looking at each flower image on various worksheets and chanting to the tunes. 

name of flowers

Name of Flower – Rose

It’s time to learn about the flower drawn on page 2 of our worksheet. So, let’s sing a rhyme to remember its color and characteristics with joy and fun.

Rose, rose, so sweet and fair,
With soft petals and colors rare.
In bright gardens, you proudly grow,
A symbol of love for all to know!
name of flowers

Name of Flower – Sunflower

It’s time to learn about the next flower name – sunflower, drawn on the next page. Looking at the beautiful image of the flower, chant to the sunflower rhyme together.

Sunflower tall, with a face so bright,
You follow the sun from the morning light.
Your yellow petals spread wide and grand,
Bringing joy to all across the land!

Name of Flower – Tulip

Moving further, it’s time to learn about the next flower, the tulip, drawn on page 4 of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. Look closely, pronounce its spelling, and chant a rhyming tune: 

In springtime, you bloom for all.
Tulip, tulip, standing tall,
In springtime, you bloom for all.
With bright colors and shapes so fine,
You make our gardens truly divine!

Name of Flower – Hibiscus

To remember the flower’s name and how it looks, chanting the rhymes is important. It helps imprint the name and its characteristics in our minds, making learning fun and memorable. So, let’s learn about the next flower, i.e., Hibiscus.

Hibiscus bloom, oh so fine,
With petals like a dream divine.
In tropical lands, you sway and sing,
A flower of beauty, fit for a king!

Name of Flower – Daisy

It’s time to learn about the next flower, the daisy, drawn in the next worksheet. Then, chant to the rhyming tune while looking at the image to remember the flower name.

Daisy dear, with petals white,
You bring a smile with your sight.
Simple and sweet, in fields you roam,
A symbol of innocence in every home!

Name of Flower – Lily

Moving further, to learn about the next flower flip to page 7 of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. After that, look at the flower drawn there, pronounce its spelling, and chant a rhyming tune to remember the flower name.

Lily fair, in waters blue,
Your graceful petals shimmer true.
From ponds and lakes, you rise with grace,
A vision of elegance in every place!

Name of Flower – Lavender

To remember the next flower’s name, chant to the tune below and get familiar with the next flower’s name, i.e., Lavender.

Lavender fragrant, in fields you sway,
Your purple hues are a sight to say.
With soothing scent, you calm the mind,
flower of peace, so gentle and kind!

Name of Flower – Jasmine

Now, chant on to another rhyme about the jasmine flower that blooms your mind as you look at its image on our engaging worksheet designed just for you.

Jasmine bloom, with fragrance rare,
You perfume the air with loving care.
In lush gardens, you climb and twine,
A symbol of beauty, ever so fine!

Name of Flower – Bluebell

Last but not least, let’s learn about the flower name drawn on page 10 of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. After that, look at the flower image and say its name, then chant a rhyming tune to remember the bluebell’s look and spell.

Bluebell blue, in forests deep,
You gently sway in peaceful sleep.
With blue petals, like the skies above,
A flower of wonder, beauty, and love!

Now, let’s move on to the next activity: playing the fun games that help kindergarteners develop critical thinking and observation skills. So, let’s get started with the engaging activity.

Spring Maze Puzzle Activity

The Spring Maze Puzzle Activity is important for kindergarten students because it helps them develop their critical thinking skills in a fun way. As they go through the maze, children can think ahead and plan, which improves their mental abilities.

Now, turn to page 11 of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten and play a fun spring maze puzzle activity. A buzzing bee wants to gather nectar from the flower. Oops! It has been lost in the middle of a maze. You must assist the bee in finding its way towards the flower, following the right path.

Take your time studying the maze, ensuring you choose the bee’s right path. Use your creative thinking ability to guide it through turns until it arrives at the flower. By being focused and persistent, you can help the bee find its way to bee successfully around the puzzle.

Help the bee find the way to the flower.

Find and Count the Flowers

Now, it’s time to do the last activity of our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten. Doing this “find and count the flowers” activity is super important for kindergarten students because it helps us practice our observation and counting skills while having fun with flowers.

To do the same, turn to page 12 of our flower name worksheet. After that, look at all those colorful flower images—aren’t they pretty? These flowers will help us remember their names, too.

Now, you have to find and count the flowers. First, find the daisy in the square garden of flowers. Count how many daisies you see, and write that number in the box next to the daisy. Then, let’s do the same for the other colorful flowers. Let your keen eyes and counting skills open to complete this activity and become flower experts.

sprıng flowers

Easy to Print Flowers Name Worksheet for Kindergarteners

Download our easy-to-print flowers name worksheet designed specifically for kindergarteners. With colorful flower images and engaging activities, this worksheet makes learning and recognizing flower names fun for students. Print it out and let your little ones explore the world of flowers at their own pace.

Whether it’s at home or in the classroom, this convenient resource allows for anytime practice and improvement in vocabulary skills. Grab your copy today and watch your child blossom into a confident flower enthusiast.

Final words

Our flowers name worksheet for kindergarten is a delightful journey through the colorful world of flowers. From learning the names of different flowers to solving spring maze puzzles and counting blossoms, each activity is designed to engage young learners. 

Through chanting rhymes and exploring vibrant illustrations, children can expand their vocabulary and develop critical skills in a fun and interactive way. So, remember to revisit our website for more exciting activities like tracing, coloring, and exploring alphabet letters and numbers.

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