Bird Coloring Pages For Preschoolers PDF

Bird Coloring Pages For Preschoolers PDF

Do you have an interest in flying into the delightful world of birds? If you adore colors and have a fascination with our bird friends, then your journey has just begun. Birds are marvelous animals that exist in different forms, sizes, and colors. From giant eagles that hover high above through the air to small hummingbirds that fly from one flower to another, there is so much to come across in a whole avian universe.

What’s a better way if we learn about birds by doing colors? Due to this, we have created engaging bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf so that you can print them out and practice from anywhere, and anytime.

In this blog, we have created a beautiful collection of bird-themed coloring pages for preschoolers. These coloring pages will serve as a springboard for your imagination and boost the creative spirit within you, whether you are an aspiring artist or someone simply looking for fun stuff to do.

Our PDF format allows for easy download and printout of these coloring pages, making them perfect for dull weather, peaceful afternoons, or whenever you need some color in your life. Now, take up your crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and let’s spread our wings together as we discover birds’ beauty.

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Downloadable Bird Coloring Pages for Preschoolers PDF

It’s time to dive into the world of colorful birds that we included in our downloadable bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. Get ready to do exciting activities of recognizing different types of birds, coloring them in with your favorite shades, and even learning how to pronounce their names correctly. Here’s what we have covered in our bird coloring pages:

  • Recognizing Birds: We will learn to identify various birds drawn on our bird coloring pages.
  • Coloring Fun: After guessing the bird’s name, we get the chance to add vibrant colors to our feathered friends.
  • Pronouncing Bird Names: While coloring, we will practice saying the names of different birds correctly with our helpful guide.

We will discuss every activity in detail while looking at the printable bird coloring pages for preschoolers PDF. Get ready to spread your wings and let your creativity soar.

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Love Bird Coloring Page

To start, let’s open our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf and find the love bird page. Do you know about love birds? Well, love birds are super cute and love to snuggle up together. Let’s sing a fun song about Love Birds while we color in the blank image drawn there.

“Love birds, love birds, chirping all day, in trees or on the ground, they love to play!”

While you chant this rhyming song, remember to color the love bird just like the picture with your yellow and green colors and say its name as you go. Let’s make our love bird page beautiful.

love bird

Bee Coloring Page

Let’s buzz into some coloring fun with our next bird, which starts with the letter B. Can you guess the bird name that produces honey? That’s right—it’s B for Bee. Let’s sing a sweet song about bees.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, busy as a bee, flying round the flowers, happy as can be!” 

Now, let’s color the bee just like the colorful picture drawn on the PDF page. Remember to say each letter of the word B-E-E to learn its spelling and make our Bee Coloring Page bright and beautiful.


Bird Coloring Page

Let’s flutter over to page 3 of our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf and color a beautiful bird. To make it more engaging for preschoolers just like you, here is a chirpy song to sing while we color:

“Birdie, birdie, flying high, in the bright blue sky so wide!”

Let’s use our coloring skills to make the bird as colorful as possible, with lovely shades of blue. Remember to chirp along to the song as you color to make this bird coloring page a masterpiece.


Inca Tern Coloring Page

It’s time to learn about the fascinating Inca Tern while we color. The Inca Tern has a unique mustache-like feature on its face. To easily recognize and learn about this bird’s characteristic features, let’s sing a song about it.

“Inca Tern, with feathers so fine, flying by the ocean, a sight so divine!

Let’s color the blank image of the Inca Tern just like the colorful one in the PDF. And remember to say each letter of its name as I-N-C-A T-E-R-N and make this coloring page look amazing.

Inca tern

Bat Coloring Page

Let’s flap over to page 6 of our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf to meet our next winged friend. Can you guess who it is? Winged creatures are creatures of the night, and they love to hang upside down in caves. That’s right—it’s B for Bat.

“Bat, bat, flying high, under the moonlit sky!”

Now, let’s color the bat just like the colorful one in the picture. And as we color, let’s practice saying its name: B-A-T. After coloring, let’s make our bat coloring page extra batty and beautiful.


Flamingo Coloring Page

It’s time to flip to the next bird drawn in our bird coloring pages for preschoolers PDF. Can you guess the bird that starts with the letter F? Well, they are tall and pink, with long legs for wading in water. That’s right—it’s F for Flamingo. Let’s sing a cheerful song:

“Flamingo, flamingo, standing tall, with feathers pink, they’re the prettiest of all!”

Color the Flamingo just like the picture and say its name: F-L-A-M-I-N-G-O aloud so that you can become perfect at saying it.


Peacock Coloring Page

Let’s spread our wings and discover the majestic peacock drawn on our pdf pages. Did you know that peacocks have stunning blue and green feathers that they love to fan out to impress others? To remember their characteristic features, let’s sing a delightful song:

“Peacock, peacock, with feathers bright, a colorful display, a magnificent sight!”

As we color, let’s practice saying its name and chant to the song to learn while having fun.


Butterfly Coloring Page

Let’s flutter into fun with our next creature: it’s not a bird, it’s a beautiful Butterfly. Butterflies have colorful wings and love to flutter from flower to flower. Let’s sing a sweet song:

“Butterfly, butterfly, flying so free, dancing in the garden, for all to see!”

Now, let’s color the Butterfly and practice saying its name: B-U-T-T-E-R-F-L-Y and make our butterfly coloring page as bright as a sunny day.


Pigeon Coloring Page

Let’s fly into fun with our next bird friend drawn on our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. Which bird name starts with the letter P? Can you guess a bird name who gray with fluffy feathers and loves to coo softly?  That’s right—it’s P for Pigeon.

“Pigeon, pigeon, in the sky, with feathers soft; they love to fly!”

Let’s make our pigeon coloring page a sky full of smiles while singing the cheerful song and pronouncing its name to extend our vocabulary on bird names. 


Sparrow Coloring Page

It’s time to chirp into excitement with our next bird: the Sparrow. They are small and brown with cute little beaks. Did you know they love to hop around in gardens? To remember their name, let’s sing the bird song together:

“Sparrow, sparrow, small and brown, hopping all around the town!”

As we color, let’s practice saying its name, S-P-A-R-R-O-W, and make our sparrow coloring page as lively as the colorful image.


Owl Coloring Page

It’s time to color the final page of our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. Can you guess the bird by its wise eyes and fluffy feathers? That’s right—it’s an Owl. Owls are nocturnal creatures known for their big eyes and hooting sounds. Let’s sing a soothing song:

“Owl, owl, in the night, spreading wisdom with all its might!”

As we color, let’s say its name is O-W-L and make this coloring page as wise and wonderful as the owl itself.


Now, let’s extend the fun with a thrilling maze game, guiding our feathered friends to safety. As we learn more about these fascinating creatures, remember to label their body parts.

Fun Bird Maze Activity

Engaging in maze activities is about more than just fun. It’s a fantastic way for students to sharpen problem-solving skills and enhance critical thinking abilities. It encourages patience, persistence, and spatial reasoning, all crucial for academic and personal growth.

Now, let’s play a fun game of bird maze on page 12 of our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. Can you help Bird 1 get to Bird 2 as soon as possible? Make sure to go through the twists and turns of the maze wisely. It’s not just about reaching the destination; it’s about enjoying the journey of discovery and learning along the way.

Maze Bird

Learn and Label: Bird Anatomy Activity

Labeling the bird’s name is super important for students because it helps them understand the structure and function of bird’s bodies. By identifying and labeling different body parts, kids can learn about birds unique features.

To learn about bird anatomy, let’s head to page 13 of our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. Here, you will find a fun activity where you can match words from the word bank to the corresponding bird body parts. It’s a hands-on way to explore and learn about the amazing anatomy of birds.

Bird's Body Part

Final Words

We have had an amazing journey exploring the colorful world of birds through our bird coloring pages for preschoolers pdf. These pages offer more than just coloring fun; they help the students learn about different bird species, their characteristics, and their unique features. From Love Birds to Owls, each page offers a chance to engage with nature and expand our knowledge.

As we color and learn about birds, we also develop important skills like recognition, pronunciation, and creativity. Whether we are singing songs about Flamingos or guiding birds through mazes, every activity is a step towards discovering more about the world around us.

So, let’s keep spreading our wings and exploring. Remember to visit our website again for more exciting activities like alphabet letters and numbers and plenty of fun-filled adventures like tracing, coloring, recognizing, and more to keep learning and growing together.

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